This law opens the electricity industry to private investments for generation, distribution and transmission, as in the past it was mainly owned by the state. Furthermore, it supports the increase in clean energy through obligations and the issuance of tradable green certificates.
"Generation companies that produce energy through renewable sources or clean technologies shall be eligible to receive tradable clean energy certificates."
It was reformed in 2021.
"Suppliers (and qualified customers participating directly in the wholesale electric market) will be required to acquire clean energy certificates."
"There will be obligatory requirements for the acquisition of clean energy certificates by qualified customers that purchase energy directly in the wholesale electricity market."
This law is part of the Energy Reform Package
This law was ammended in 2021. The Amendment takes up aspects of the failed Policy of Reliability, Safety, Continuity and Quality of the National Electric System in relation to the prioritization of dispatch and interconnection to the National Electric System (SEN); the issuance of Clean Energy Certificates (CELs); and in general to benefit the Federal Electricity Commission above other industry participants.
The law was last ammended in 2022