The Strategy, approved by the Prime Minister of Vietnam, is a 'multi-century vision' and is broad and multi-sectoral. Within the Strategy, the following specific objectives are set out: 1- Ensure food security, energy security, water security, poverty alleviation, gender equality, social security, public health; enhance living standards, conserve natural resources in the context of climate change; 2- Consider low carbon economy and green growth as principles in achieving sustain-able development; GHG emission reduction and removal to become a mandatory index in social and economic development; 3- Raise awareness, involvement and coping capacity of stakeholders; strengthen scientific and technological potential and human resources; strengthen institutional arrangements to utilise financial assistance; enhance the economic competitiveness and status of Vietnam; take advantage of climate change opportunities for social and economic development; promote climate-friendly behaviours; 4- Join forces with international communities in addressing climate change; increase international co-operation to address climate change effectively