"Package for the Future" is intended to assist Germany in becoming ready for upcoming difficulties including increasing digitalization and climate change. The initiative aims to assist research into the advancement of artificial intelligence, hydrogen power, electric cars, and quantum computing.
The package includes measures to encourage further development of renewable energy, including: (1) eliminating the cap on solar PV build-out; (2) raising the capacity targets for offshore wind energy from 15 GW by 2030 to 20 GW; (3) offering a choice for minimal distance rules at the sub-federal level; and (4) options for municipal participation in wind power project profits.
Later amendments to the Offshore Wind Energy Act (WindSeeG, POL-ID 11508) and the Renewable Energy Act (EEG, POL-ID 11474) have been used to implement these measures.
The Future Package includes accelerating the development of renewable energy in Germany. To achieve this, the solar PV cap will be eliminated, and the offshore wind expansion goal will be raised from the current 15GW to 20GW by 2030. Additionally, a financial plan will be developed so that local communities can gain more from the production of wind energy.