"• Monitoring the health of forest ecosystems and search for ways to fight with diseases
• Quality of Wood, seed and fruit efficiency will be improved. Silvicultural maintenance measures for the establishment of healthy forests will be increased.
• Ratio of growing stock per hectar will be increased from 72.9 m3 to 74.5 m3 by 2021.
• Increasing the productive forest area from 12,850,000 ha to 13,250,000 by 2021.
• Surface of total forest land is of Turkey will increase from %28,8 to %30 by 2023.
• Combating erosion for reduce the soil loss and enhance the pasture improvement. size of soil loss controlled area will be increased from 1,415,000 ha to 1,677,000 ha by 2021. Rehabilited pasture area will be increased from 222,000 ha to 265,000 ha by 2021.
• The amenajman plan and inventory of 5,605,000 ha forest land will be made in accordance with multi-purpose use." Turkey's 7th National Communication to the UNFCCC, p. 108