The Tamil Nadu Incentive for Domestic Solar Rooftops is a state government subsidy of Rs. 20,000/- per kWp for individual or group applications with only 1kWp plant for residential purpose.
The subsidy scheme applies only to grid-connected rooftop solar PV systems comprising solar PV modules, rooftop support structure, solar grid inverter, cabling and protective devices. Grid-tie system only will be considered.
Solar power that is not consumed in the residential building can be exported to the TANGEDCO grid and will be eligible for solar net-metering. In solar net-metering the consumer pays for the net energy imported from the TANGEDCO grid (= energy imported from the grid minus energy exported to the grid). Exported energy will be credited up to a limit of 90% of the imported energy during a 12 months settlement period. To avail of solar net-metering the consumer needs to apply to TANGEDCO. For details the Tamil Nadu Consumer Guide for Solar Net-metering may be consulted.