2023 targets: "• Increasing the share of railways in freight transport (which was 5% in 2009) to 15% and in passenger transport (which was 2% in 2009) to 10% by 2023;
• Decreasing the share of roads in freight transport (which was 80.63% in ton-km in 2009) below 60%, and in passenger transport (which was 89.59 in passenger-km in 2009) to 72% as of 2023"
Targets for 2030: "• Ensuring balanced utilization of transport modes in freight and passenger transport by reducing the share of road transport and increasing the share of maritime and rail transport;
• Enhancing combined transport;
• Implementing sustainable transport approaches in urban areas;
• Promoting alternative fuels and clean vehicles;
• Reducing fuel consumption and emissions of road transport with National Smart Transport Systems Strategy Document (2014 - 2023)
• Realizing high speed railway projects;
• Increasing urban railway systems;
• Achieving fuel savings by tunnel projects;
• Scraping of old vehicles from traffic;
• Implementing green port and green airport projects to ensure energy efficiency;
• Implementing special consumption tax exemptions for maritime transport" Turkey's 7th National Communication to the UNFCCC, p. 100-101