Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Order of February 1, 2023 on the criteria for sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from renewable fuels and bioliquids France (2023) France 2023
French Strategy for Energy and Climate France (2023) France 2023
Decision of March 7, 2022 modifying the decision of September 22, 2020 establishing for the ministries in charge of ecological transition and territorial cohesion France (2022) France 2022
Decree No. 2022-8 relating to the minimum environmental performance result concerning the installation of heating or domestic hot water production equipment in a building France (2022) France 2022
Energy Sobriety Plan France (2022) France 2022
Circular no. 6363-SG relating to energy sobriety and exemplary behavior of State administrations France (2022) France 2022
Law on purchasing Power France (2022) France 2022
Recovery and resilience plan / Green energies and techologies/ R&D and innovation France (2021) France 2021
Decree n ° 2021-153 - establishing aid for investments relating to rapid charging installations for electric vehicles on major roads France (2021) France 2021
Ordinance 2021-167 relating to hydrogen France (2021) France 2021
Decree of December 10, 2021 creating a program as part of the system of energy savings certificates France (2021) France 2021
France 2030 France (2021) France 2021
Law No 2021-1104 on the fight on climate change and resilience France (2021) France 2021
Deliberation No. 2021-23 of January 21, 2021 approving the methods for calculating the forecast cost of the works to be carried out by Enedis as part of the regional connection plans to the renewable energy network France (2021) France 2021
Decision of July 16, 2021 relating to the optimization of the sizing of transformation stations for connection of renewable energy sources France (2021) France 2021
Decree No. 2021-759 of June 14, 2021 establishing an interministerial delegate to support territories in energy transition France (2021) France 2021
Decarbonisation roadmap for the chemicals sector France (2021) France 2021
Electricity production through renewables France (2021) France 2021
Recovery and Ecological Transition Contracts France (2021) France 2021
Sustainable Mobility Package (Forfait Mobilité Durable) France (2020) France 2020