Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
British Energy Security Strategy United Kingdom (2022) United Kingdom 2022
National Electromobility Strategy Chile (2022) Chile 2022
National Methane Action Plan Norway (2022) Norway 2022
Exploring Approaches for Canada’s Transition to Net-Zero Emissions Canada (2022) Canada 2022
Methane Emissions Reduction Action Plan United States of America (2022) United States of America 2022
Action programme on green energy transformation, reducing carbon and methane emissions in the transport sector Viet Nam (2022) Viet Nam 2022
Automotive Roadmap United Kingdom (2022) United Kingdom 2022
National Council on Climate Change Nigeria (2022) Nigeria 2022
Circular no. 6363-SG relating to energy sobriety and exemplary behavior of State administrations France (2022) France 2022
Law 14.299 on a just energy transition Brazil (2022) Brazil 2022
14 FYP Modern Energy system Planning China (2022) China 2022
National Energy Plan 2023-2035 Turkey (2022) Turkey 2022
Hydrogen Investor Roadmap United Kingdom (2022) United Kingdom 2022
Long-Term Low-Carbon Development Strategy India (2022) India 2022
National Programme for the Reduction of Methane Emissions - Zero Methane Brazil (2022) Brazil 2022
Climate Change Framework Law Chile (2022) Chile 2022
Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry China (2022) China 2022
Implementation Plan for Carbon Peaking in Urban and Rural Construction China (2022) China 2022
Energy Sobriety Plan France (2022) France 2022
Carbon peaking for steel sector China (2022) China 2022