Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Environmental Improvement Plan 2023 United Kingdom (2023) United Kingdom 2023
Methane Emissions Reduction Action Plan United States of America (2022) United States of America 2022
National Budget Japan (2021) Japan 2021
Sectoral Climate Change Management Plan for Housing and Urban Territory (PIGCCS) Colombia (2021) Colombia 2021
Resolution 290/2021 on the National Program to Strengthen the Circular Economy Argentina (2021) Argentina 2021
National Waste Strategy Israel (2021) Israel 2021
Sustainable Waste Management Act Kenya (2021) Kenya 2021
National Programme to Strengthen the Circular Economy Argentina (2021) Argentina 2021
Decree no. 10.387 to provide incentives for financing infrastructure projects with environmental and social benefits Brazil (2020) Brazil 2020
25 years Environmental Plan United Kingdom (2019) United Kingdom 2019
National Waste Management Strategy Bhutan (2019) Bhutan 2019
National Strategy for General Management of Solid Waste to 2025 with a 2050 vision Viet Nam (2018) Viet Nam 2018
Programme on Energy from Urban, Industrial, Agricultural Wastes/ Residues and Municipal Solid Waste India (2018) India 2018
National Food Waste Strategy Australia (2017) Australia 2017
National Policy for the Integral Management of Solid Waste (3874/2016) Colombia (2016) Colombia 2016
Solid waste management rules India (2016) India 2016
National Solid Waste Management Master Plan (2016-2021) Thailand (2016) Thailand 2016
Law on the transition to green economy Kazakhstan (2016) Kazakhstan 2016
Circular Economy Package EU Legislative Proposals on Waste European Union (27) (2016) European Union 2016
Law on Energy Transition for Green Growth (Energy Transition Law) France (2015) France 2015