Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Carbon Capture and Storage Long-Term Roadmap Japan (2023) Japan 2023
Order No.2 2023 on the Utilisation of CCUS in Oil and Gas exploration Indonesia (2023) Indonesia 2023
Carbon Capture, Use and Storage Development Fund Australia (2021) Australia 2021
Oil and Gas Strategy United Kingdom (2021) United Kingdom 2020
Bipartisan Budget Act United States of America (2018) United States of America 2018
Hydrogen Deployment Plan for the Energy Transition France (2018) France 2018
Facility for Low Carbon Technology Development (FLCTD) India (2015) India 2015
7th Basic Plan for Long-Term Electricity Supply and Demand Republic of Korea (2015) Republic of Korea 2015
Energy Transition Law Mexico (2015) Mexico 2015
Carbon Capture and Storage Canada (2014) Canada 2014
Energy Act United Kingdom (2013) United Kingdom 2013
Actions for Cool Earth (ACE) Initiative Japan (2013) Japan 2013
NER 300 programme European Union (27) (2012) European Union 2012
CCS-EOR project support United Arab Emirates (2012) United Arab Emirates 2012
Carbon Capture and Storage Act (KSpG) Germany (2012) Germany 2012
Decree Amending the Decree on the Limitation of Emissions into the Atmosphere from Large Combustion Plants Slovenia (2012) Slovenia 2012
National Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Infrastructure Plan Australia (2011) Australia 2011
Energy Act United Kingdom (2011) United Kingdom 2011
EcoENERGY Innovation Initiative Canada (2011) Canada 2011
Act No. 258/2011 Coll. On Carbon Dioxide Capture and Geological Storage in the Geological Environment Slovakia (2011) Slovakia 2011